Do you like beer with your snacks?

August 31, 2020

Do you like beer with your snacks?  
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Oh, hey you. My name is Joel. I'm a Scorpio. I like long walks on the beach and fluffy white pillows, and I have a drinking problem.

BUT WAIT. I'm not saying I drink too-too much… I'm just saying that I care a whole bunch about the beers I drink from the bunches of bunches of independent breweries that I love, and it's kind of a problem. 

But it is a super fun and delicious problem that's gotten me like seven hundred and nine free stickers in just the last decade (wipes dirt off shoulder).  I won't bore you with every detail about how I got right here - which is writing about beer for a snack company that makes snacks that I actually and honestly think are gosh darn delicious, but I will attempt to spell out how my obsession with tasty beer has influenced my life. 

So, I started my venture into becoming a beer-aficionado by drinking quarts of Red Bull. Not the energy drink, I mean the Schlitz malt beverage that came in QUARTS not 40-ounce bottles. I drank it because it was heavy and cheap ($1.40 a quart).   Not quite 21 and never mind the fact that I drove up to the liquor store on a rusty garage sale BMX bike, I would tuck my chin into my chest when I talked to make myself sound older to buy those ice-cold Red Bullies.  That was my start in the pursuit of enjoying that malty, McMalty goodness of beer.

Like many of the people my age then (I am now 40 years young), I graduated to Icehouse longnecks paired with Mad Dog 20/20 and then Red Dog 30 packs paired with St. Ides Crooked I's.  I loved the burps, and I loved the buzz, but I also loved all the free swag that came along with beer back then.

My affinity for brewery swag has extended into my "adult" years. I now sport brewery related clothing and headwear on my person; bubbly, alcoholic liquid-based home decor in my domicile; and craft beer-based glassware at my dining table. My curated apparel and accessories represent the fascination and captivation that finely crafted beers, from breweries both near and far, have on me.  I’m proud to support those I love and there are a lot of really good beers that have captured my affection over the years.  And I’m eager to share and wax poetically about the wonderous attributes of some of my favorite finds…

However, I realize I'm probably on the outs with many of the younger beer fans and that’s ok.  Honing a true appreciation for nuanced flavors and styles of barley and hops takes time. Many youthful consumers will now simply choose a berry hard seltzer over a barrel aged sour.  To me, that is a bigger problem than appreciating a quart of Red Bull Malt Liquor for $1.40.  

Stay tuned as I adjust the lid of my Brewhouse Legends cap, and follow my journey as I share my deep foray into the boundless world of beer one pint at a time…