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If some of your snacks are underperforming, maybe it's time to trade them in for the unique, craft beer inspired flavors of Brewhouse Legends Snack Nut Mixes.






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Michelada Snack Nut Mix

Snack Nut Mix

A tangy tomato flavor blended with rice crackers, corn nuts, hot Cajun sticks, peanuts and praline pepitas. 

Hops & Pepper

Hops and Pepper
Snack Nut Mix

A unique blend of peanuts, rice crackers, pretzels and sesame sticks with the essence of barley and hops.

Hoppin' Chili

Hoppin' Chili
Snack Nut Mix

A spicy kick of chili pepper, crafted with peanuts, honey sesame chips, chickpeas, and corn nuts.